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Vision & Mission

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Our Vision…

Ascension Catholic School will provide a quality education in a caring environment.

Our Mission…

Ascension Catholic School provides a welcoming atmosphere by embracing people of all faiths, cultures, and economic levels; centering our spiritual, emotional and educational formation around Christ, our Catholic faith and our Baptismal promises; calling all to greater reverence, respect and responsibility; and sharing the good that is learned here with all of God’s creation.

We Believe that…

All students from every walk of life are children of God, gifted with the ability to learn. Students, teachers, staff, and parents share the responsibility to be actively engaged as lifelong learners.

By virtue of our Baptism we are to treat everyone with respect, responsibility and reverence, creating a safe learning environment.

Committed to continuous improvement, we will better impart and model the traditions and Gospel values of our Roman Catholic faith.

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