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AAT = Ascension Academic Team

     Volunteer = Stakeholders 

  •       Parents of Ascension School students

  •       Grandparents of Ascension School students

  •       Aunts/Uncles/Cousins (18 years or older) of Ascension School students

  •       Parishioners of the Church of Ascension who are invested in the strength     
          and growth of Ascension School


     This program was designed in 2009 as a means to allow Parents to bring their expertise, talent and love of learning into the school in which their children attend. It has expanded from parents to all stakeholders.

Teachers make requests of the AAT Coordinator who then pairs the teacher with an available Volunteer.

  •       A Teacher request can consist of help in the classroom during a specific class i.e.: “I need a Volunteer for my classroom every Tuesday during the 8:40 – 9:10 period.”

  •       A Teacher request can consist of 1:1 help on a certain topic i.e.: “I need a Volunteer who can work with my student on some extra reading material for his Social Studies class on Wednesdays from 10:55 – 11:35 until he gets caught up.”

  • The AAT Coordinator then publishes a weekly schedule for the Administrators, the Teachers and AAT Volunteers.

  • While every year is different based on the needs of our students, our AAT volunteer program has averaged 1400 hours of service annually since its inception!


     To ensure and maintain the success of this rich program, it is crucial that AAT     
     Volunteers be:

  •       VIRTUS® Child Awareness certified

  •       Trained by the AAT Coordinator

  •       Committed to giving time (i.e.: 1 hour/1/2 day/whole day/every other Friday AM) to the AAT


     The Volunteers of the Ascension Academic Team have proven to be tremendous assets to the School, the Teachers, the Students and therefore the Community by providing their unique, enhanced and varied skills to Ascension Catholic School. We invite you to join our AAT!

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